Get Engaged

FACC-GLA offers various committees and event engagement opportunities to help you join our community and grow your business.

Our committees include:

  • Membership Committee for recruiting and retaining members
  • Events Committee for planning fun and educational events
  • Government Affairs Committee for promoting government policies and issues that impacts the business community
  • Marketing and Communications Committee for raising awareness about FACCGLA, its members, and its programs
  • Programs Committee for supporting the Entrepreneurs Empowerment Program that provides training, mentorship, and empowerment programs for small business owners.

We also offer event engagement opportunities such as:

  • Networking Mixers for casual and relaxed networking
  • Educational Seminars for gaining valuable insights and information
  • Business Showcases for showcasing your business
  • Charity and Fundraising Events for giving back to the community

To name a few!

Learn more and get involved! Join the Filipino American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Los Angeles. We look forward to connecting with you and growing our community together!

Become a Partner

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Become a Member

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